US House Passes Deployed Troop Support Act (H.R. 1756)

You can help our deployed troops with no cost to you or other taxpayers.  This bill allows empty space on military transports be utilized to deliver to our troops goods supplied by non-profit organizations.  The military is already authorized to use empty space to deliver goods from non profits to foreign nationals overseas.  This bill passed the House with bipartisan support and is under consideration by the Senate.  Contact your Senators and urge them to make sure this bill passes.
Locals Kim & Garren Cone of AVET Project, Inc. have been instrumental in getting this great idea before our legislators.
This is a chance to give something back to our troops and it only takes a minute – call or email:
Bill Nelson: 407-872-7161 / 888-671-4091
Marco Rubio 407-254-2573 / 866-630-7106

May Press Release from Bill Posey's Office