Texting & Driving, Not a Good Thing Says Melbourne Attorney Ken Rhoden

My friend and colleague, Steve Charpentier, Esq., shared this article via Facebook this morning.  After reading it I thought it is definitely worth sharing further.  Take a minute to read about “automaticity” as the article calls it or more easily Ken Rhoden, Personal Injury Lawyer Melbourne Brevard Cocoa Titusville Palm Bay Indialanticexplained as the automatic type of behavior society has developed to check their cell phone without  really thinking about it.  It appears that smart phone users are more apt to develop this behavior however even those of us with old-school cell phones can still be caught up in this habit of oft-checking the phone.   This is a dangerous habit no matter what type of phone you have and as you will see from the article it is very dangerous when in the car.

Don’t text and drive.   And if you are injured in an accident by someone who was texting and driving,  call or email me for information (and a completely free consultation.)

Study Finds Drivers Unaware of Their Texting Habits