Do You Know When the Brevard County Public Defender Election Is?

The qualification period for some local races is right around the corner – including the Brevard County Public Defender election. By April 20, 2012 we will know who has qualified for the ballot and who paid to get on the ballot and who didn’t make it onto the ballot.

Then the next important date for you to remember is the Early Voting Period (August 4-11, 2012) and the last date you can request an Absentee Ballot is August 8, 2012, according to Lori Scott’s website.

And the big day, Primary Voting Day, is August 14, 2012.

If you need any help getting out to vote on August 14, 2012 there is a lot of support in the community to get you to the polls or contact Ken and he can tell you how to get your absentee ballot sent to you. (Don’t delay – the sooner you request your absentee ballot, the better!)

You can call Ken on his personal cell phone at 321-368-3151 or email him at

Get out and vote for your Brevard County Public Defender Candidate: Ken Rhoden!

Your Brevard County Public Defender Candidate Happens Upon Classic Car Show

After a meeting at the Hilton in Altamonte Springs on March 24, 2012, Brevard County Public Defender candidate Ken Rhoden happened on a car show out in the hotel lot.  The cars were all MG models and ranged in age from the 1930′s onward.  The cars were all in amazing condition and the proud owners were happy to talk about the history of their car.  Seeing all these cars gave Ken Rhoden an opportunity to reminisce about one of his first automobiles,  an Austin Healy “Sprite” model which closely resembles the MG “Midget” models at the car show. 

Ken specifically recollects push-starting his Sprite whenever the battery failed, which was more often than he would have preferred.  He also remember having room to make u-turns in the driveway with the compact vehicle.  It was also possible for Ken to park his Sprite “sideways” in the driveway, allowing his younger brothers and sister more room to play and ride bicycles.

Ken remembers,  “My Sprite was only six inches above the ground and that made me very aware of every bump in the road and potholes were particularly important to avoid!”  Back then Ken says he worked on that Sprite as much as or more than he drove it but he loved that car.

The show was put on by the Classic MG Club of Orlando and was on all weekend.