What? Did I hear you call my name
full service is my game
I am here if you desire
I can frighten or inspire

I can do what you want
I can provide what you need
What sin is on your list
wrath envy lust or greed

Speak my name
just let me know
it’s all the same
whatever path you go

I have nothing at all for sale
no beaten body to impale
I am not a slithering reptile
just look upon my winning smile

It’s not me that makes life rougher
that makes you work and sweat
not me that makes you suffer
or fills your days with regret

So much more I can pay
than silver in a bag
no friend to betray
no beaten body to drag

Your vision may be great
your vision may be small
I can drive your fate
I’ll make you rise or fall

Tell me what you need
what is the object of your greed
want thorns for your crown
or somebody sexy to go down

I’ll do anything you need
open your mouth and ask
you don’t have to plead
summon me to your task

Need to cool your burning bush
lover need a little push
need a big throbbing erection
cast your eyes in my direction

This is coffee with sugar and cream
quickly join up with my team
have everything you can dream
not quite what it may seem

Looking for salvation
I’m right by your side
just want some recreation
I’ll take you for a ride

Reach out your lonely hand
cast your eyes upon me
I am harmless and so bland
call me now and you will see

Image of God
that part’s true
you have the look
but not the virtue

Tell me what you desire
tell me your unholy needs
what sets your soul on fire
what will slake your greed

You won’t buy on credit
you won’t pay at all
you’ll never even regret it
when you see the heavens fall

Everything is on the level
no deal with the devil
call me and in fact
we can sign a bloody contract

Live to a ripe old age
just a day to me
when you turn the final page
then you will really see

What I am selling you can’t buy
with your body or your soul
just smile at this guy
and never pay the toll

Step up to my altar
worship if you wish
Be strong now, don’t falter
gorge yourself on this savory dish

Sit here at my table
eat till you are disabled
till your body turns to jelly
smile and pat your swollen belly

Don’t mind my appearance
or that slightly rotten smell
we are just near the entrance
of that place some call hell

Nothing at all to do with me
nothing I have ever seen
I will gladly set you free
just don’t look behind the screen

I see your indecision
I see you hesitate
I give you no derision
as you decide your fate

It is not much of a deduction
to know this is a seduction
I don’t need to compel
walk willingly into my hell

I will give you my confession
you’ll know all there is to know
after our next sweaty session
you will know which way to go

Betray me if you desire
betray me if you please
it only takes me higher
when I see you on your knees

Faith hope and charity
don’t really appeal to me
in case you need more clarity
I’d rather fuck and watch TV

Everlasting life?
Live forever on this earth
I’ll stop time for you
for whatever that may be worth

Covet thy neighbor’s spouse
it’s all right by me
steal all from her house
seal your destiny

No need to be afraid
there is no debt to be repaid
your choice to leave or follow
your choice to spit or swallow

I’ll wash your filthy feet
I’ll wash your greasy hair
you’ll be so clean and neat
when you fall into despair

Come with me and participate
in deciding humanity’s fate
the puny things we shall destroy
or lift them to everlasting glory

No that’s not a baby’s wail
No that’s not my serpent’s tail
come feel my cold embrace
don’t think about your disgrace

Nine circles-see them all
Laughing as we descend
Pride before the fall
Some souls never mend

Welcome to my team
Your nightmare is just a dream
Come walk in my direction
Welcome to the insurrection

One or two things I forgot to mention
I assure you that was not my intention
Well you know I am a liar
Anything to fulfill my desire

Don’t look at me and speak of hope
Around your neck you put the rope
I will watch as you dangle
and take glee as you strangle

You got your riches and your fame
Now it’s time to feel the flame
Don’t cry to me of your regret
This path alone you set

For resurrection you will wait in vain
now that you are in my domain
Now you are subject to my whim
since you turned your back on Him

Call me grotesque and vile
say I am no Redeemer
It only makes me smile
It only makes me meaner

Sorry you didn’t make the grade
I must recoup the investment that I made
My demons are insatiable
I must say you look so tastable

One final piece of advice
enjoy being my sacrifice
now we begin your immolation
and so ends our conversation

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