Local Businessman Ken Rhoden Declares Candidacy for Office of Public Defender

Brevard & Seminole Counties, Florida [June 2, 2011] Businessman and attorney Kenneth “Ken” Rhoden has declared his candidacy for the Office of Public Defender, 18th Judicial Circuit, Florida.

“I am proud to have the opportunity to serve my community in a role such as Public Defender,” says Ken Rhoden. “For the first time in 30 years voters can change the leadership of the Public Defender’s office.”

“It is time for a change and I am the most qualified person for the position.”

Rhoden’s work experience includes 12 years working in the Public Defender’s office, 13 years as a private businessman and attorney, and 10 years in the construction trades.

The candidate stated that the Public Defender’s office needs to be substantially reformed to cut operational costs to taxpayers and improve efficiency. Rhoden wants voters to know he is the strong, energetic leader needed to make these fiscally conservative changes to the Public Defender’s office.

“The reforms I want to implement are substantial however, they will be put in place in a gradual, methodical manner,” Rhoden explains. “70% of all criminal cases are handled by the Public Defender’s office.  That number can and should be greatly reduced to save taxpayer money and support the private businesses that could serve those defendants.”

Ken Rhoden has listed his personal cell phone for any voter in Brevard or Seminole county to call him. He would like to hear from voters and welcomes any questions, comments, or ideas.

“It is never too early to start learning about your candidates,” states Rhoden.  “And using that knowledge to vote is the most important way for citizens to be heard.”

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About Ken Rhoden:
He has lived in the area since 1975 and has practiced law here for more than 25 years.  Ken graduated from Brevard Community College, University of Central Florida, and Florida State University’s College of Law.  Visit KenRhoden.com for more information and LIKE him on facebook at facebook.com/KenRhoden