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I offer consultations with men and women considering divorce, involved in a divorce, who have been served with divorce paperwork, and those who just have questions about their marital / divorce situation.   Your consultation will be completely free of charge, no strings attached.  Come in and ask your questions, I am here to help.  If you are just looking for some basic information you can visit the main firm website for extensive divorce and family law information.  Below is just a start to help you find answers to your questions.

The term “dissolution of marriage” is Florida’s title for the process we commonly refer to as divorce.  This process dissolves or ends the legal status of a marriage and also can resolve any property and spouse or child support issues involved.  Most often the issues involved include:  parenting plans, custody (now called shared parenting), child support amounts and rules, time-sharing requirements best for the children, spousal support/alimony, how to divide property and debts.  The most complicated dissolution cases involve marriages of moderate length (7 to 17 years) and Brevard Divorce Lawyer, Brevard Family Attorneylong-term marriages (17 years plus).  These cases are often about child support and/or alimony.  When there are large assets involved in a dissolution of marriage – businesses, investments, real estate holdings, and high value personal property (automobiles, boats, artwork, collections, etc.) – the process can be very complicated.  Even simple divorces may seem overwhelming to a layperson but an experienced attorney can help guide you through the process of making decisions, negotiating, and finalizing agreements.

All divorces are difficult for the parties involved, the children, and the families of the parties.  Even a “simple” divorce should be viewed as significant and all should be given priority attention.   You should consult with an attorney but not just any attorney – you need one who has years of experience in the areas of family law, parenting plans, division of assets, child support and the other areas involved in your divorce.

What is a Consultation?

Your consultation with me is a confidential meeting to review your or your family member’s current legal situation as it applies to your marriage, a divorce decree, a marital settlement agreement, adoption, child support, alimony, or any other associated topic.   An initial consultation to 1) discuss your options if you are considering divorce, 2) your plan if you have been served with papers, or 3) your choices if your divorce is completed  is a consultation worth paying for however,  I will provide you with your initial consultation at no charge.  We can review your personal situation, your finances/assets, and most importantly your questions.  Having a qualified, experienced attorney available to you can provide you answers, support, and peace of mind.


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