Endorsements for Ken Rhoden, Candidate for Public Defender of Brevard and Seminole Counties

Ken has received many endorsements from members of the community as well as local leaders.  See the image below or download the full PDF as of June 1, 2012. If you would like to add your endorsement to this list or receive a more current copy of his endorsements, please call Ken (321-368-3151 direct cell) or email him.

Bill Mick recently released his Vote Picks – which are not endorsements, just his personal picks – and Bill is voting for Ken.   Click here to read more.


[July 2, 2012] The Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida endorsed the campaign of Ken Rhoden for Public Defender of Brevard and Seminole counties (Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit). The monthly meeting was well attended by about 50 members and guests. The endorsement was recommended by the group’s Board and voted on by the membership. “This endorsement is important because the R.L.C. works toward the same general goals as I do,” Rhoden said after the meeting, “Reducing the size and cost of government is what I’ve been talking about for several years and consistently since my campaign began in early 2011.”  (read the full article here)


Ken at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center with various military supporters.  May 2012.