Brevard County Public Defender Candidate Supports 2012 Stand Down

View page about Ken attending the 17th Annual Homeless Veterans Stand Down (2012).

Your Brevard County Public Defender 2012 Election Candidate Attends Local Prayer Walk

On Friday, April 6, Good Friday, Ken participated in a community Prayer Walk. This event was termed the Good Friday Ecumenical Prayer Walk and brought song and prayer to places of importance and also places where those who may suffer as Jesus suffered gather.

The walking group was well over 100 and gathered at the starting place, Our Lady of Lourdes Church. The service folder from the walk explains the various locations where the group stopped to sing and pray. This is taken from that folder:

Our Lady of Lourdes Church and School and City Hall are locations that represent all of the faith, educational, and political institutions in our world.
The Veterans Transitional Facility is a “temporary shelter for homeless veterans and their immediate family. The purpose of the facility is to provide for the immediate needs of homeless veterans while permitting them to search for work, and once employed, to sve enough money to acquire living quarters and transportation. It is operated by The Vietnam and All Veterans of Brevard non-profit.
Daily Bread soup kitchen is a lifeline for over 4,200 men, women, and children in our community each year. Serving between 200 and 250 people daily, the kitchen is open seven days a week, 365 days a year providing a hot mid-day meal plus hygienic services including a shower, laundry, and mail service to anyone in need.
His Place Ministries is a multi-faceted church and outreach ministry designed to touch lives with the love of Christ. His Place offers hope and healing to the hurting and wounded from all walks of life. This church provides a vehicle of service to those who would minister God’s love to people in need.
The Railroad Tracks represent our encounter with the plight of victims of human trafficking, migrants, refugees, and internally-displace persons in our world.

After the event Ken said, “This walk was an opportunity to fellowship with others and also bring light and hope to those who may have unmet needs. It was both humbling and uplifting.”  Ken was fortunate to have friends and family attend including his Pastor from Advent Lutheran Church.  Here are some photos and a video showing (in part) the huge crowd as they walk by City Hall.

Ken is a candidate for the Office of Public Defender of Brevard County 2012. Please vote for your Brevard County Candidtes on August 14, 2012.

Video taken by Ken as the Prayer Walk passed Melbourne City Hall. (view all Ken’s videos on You Tube.)

You can read more about the event on the Florida Today site.
Or watch videos from Florida Today.

Friday Fest with Your Brevard County Public Defender Candidate

Stop by and say hi if you are at Friday Fest in Downtown Melbourne tomorrow night, March 9, 2012.  You won’t be able to miss the Vote Rhoden display with the banners, lights, and people!  We’d love to have you stay and hand out materials if you have time or just drop in for a chat with your Brevard County Public Defender candidate (and Seminole County Public Defender candidate – it covers two counties), Ken Rhoden.   See you there!

Candidate Ken Rhoden Walks the July 4th Parade

Ken Rhoden walked the 3 mile parade route along with 10 of his supporters.  The group accompanied a local car club entry which was decked out in red, white & blue banners.  Walkers handed out candy and information about the candidate to the dedicated parade watchers along the route which started in downtown Melbourne and ended at the Liberty Bell Museum.

Following the parade Ken and his supporters participated in the special presentation at the museum including a patriotic sing-a-long and refreshments.

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