A Runner Running for Office

The Space Coast Runners newsletter for January 2012 is out.   And featured are Ken, his fiance’, and dog in the monthly Run a Mile With profile article.   There are three pages of information about all three running habits along with some interesting tidbits about their likes and plans.  You can view the newsletter using this link to the SCR Newsletter and Adobe Reader or view the gallery posted below.   If you are interested in running with the club or joining, please visit their site at www.spacecoastrunners.org or ask Ken when you see him!

Visiting Tallahassee

Last week Ken spent a few days in Tallahassee and it was a great trip.   Visiting the capitol building is always a good experience and meeting some new and old friends was very nice.  A side trip to Ken’s alma mater, Florida State University College of Law brought back memories.   Florida Tax Watch is housed in a beautiful old church and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The offices are fully renovated inside however the bones of the church are preserved and it was an amazing location for a meeting.

Ken Walks the Titusville Christmas Light Parade

The energetic, hardworking Ken Rhoden is at it again!  Ken walked the entire route of the Titusville Christmas Light Parade (put on by the local Jaycees) along with a few of his supporters!   The crowd was HUGE the whole way and it even “snowed” a little in Titusville as the parade passed through the judging area.  Little Miss Mullet Maiden rode on the campaign car and threw candy out to all the kids.  Walkers passed out candy canes and Ken shook every hand extended to him for 2.4 miles and that was a lot of hands.  A volunteer from Barry University School of Law came over from Orlando to drive the car and a big thank you to Matt, Tracy, Michelle, Bo, Carol, Bonnie, Amy & her sons, and Isabella.

Mims Christmas Parade

Ken and supporters participated in the Mims Christmas parade on December 3.  The group walked the entire route while handing out candy and, in Ken’s case, shaking hands with supporters all along the way.   What a great group of people to turn out for the parade!  Ken’s group handed out over 15 pounds of candy! While Little Miss Mims Mullet Maiden did not ride with Ken in this parade, he did get to have a photo taken with her.

Veteran’s Day Parade – 2011

Ken and a group of supporters entered the Melbourne Veteran’s Day Parade to support local vets past-present-future.  The Vote Rhoden group included a US Army Vet from the 1/7 3rd Infantry “Marne” Division and some civilian supporters.

There were vets old and young all along the parade route along with their families.  The kids especially enjoyed all 15 pounds of candy the group handed out along the New Haven and Oak Street route.  Thank you to Honor America for organizing such a great event.  Freedom is not free and while we should all be proud Americans – we should be extraordinarily proud of our Veterans.  Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

View all the photos on Facebook at:  www.facebook.com/ken_rhoden

The Vote Rhoden Supporters Before the Parade Started