Your Brevard County Public Defender Candidate Happens Upon Classic Car Show

After a meeting at the Hilton in Altamonte Springs on March 24, 2012, Brevard County Public Defender candidate Ken Rhoden happened on a car show out in the hotel lot.  The cars were all MG models and ranged in age from the 1930′s onward.  The cars were all in amazing condition and the proud owners were happy to talk about the history of their car.  Seeing all these cars gave Ken Rhoden an opportunity to reminisce about one of his first automobiles,  an Austin Healy “Sprite” model which closely resembles the MG “Midget” models at the car show. 

Ken specifically recollects push-starting his Sprite whenever the battery failed, which was more often than he would have preferred.  He also remember having room to make u-turns in the driveway with the compact vehicle.  It was also possible for Ken to park his Sprite “sideways” in the driveway, allowing his younger brothers and sister more room to play and ride bicycles.

Ken remembers,  “My Sprite was only six inches above the ground and that made me very aware of every bump in the road and potholes were particularly important to avoid!”  Back then Ken says he worked on that Sprite as much as or more than he drove it but he loved that car.

The show was put on by the Classic MG Club of Orlando and was on all weekend.

Brevard County & Seminole County Campaigns Need Your Vote

If you are registered to vote in Brevard or Seminole you will want to make note of the following dates:

Primary Election, Deadline to Register as a new voter: July 16, 2012
Early Voting:  August 4, 2012 – August 11, 2012
** Request Absentee Ballot by: Wednesday, August 8, 2012 **
Election Day: August 14, 2012

If you want an absentee ballot for Brevard County you can request one in person at the Supervisor of Elections office (click here for a list of Brevard locations) or you can do it online through the official website provided by Lori Scott, Brevard County Supervisor of Elections.  Be sure to request your absentee ballot before the deadline,  here is what the Supervisor of Elections website says, “All requests for an absentee ballot to be mailed to a voter must be received by the Elections Office no later than 5 PM the sixth day before the election. All absentee ballots must be mailed by the Elections Office no later than the fourth day before the election.”
That means you must REQUEST your ballot no later than 5pm on Wednesday, August 8, 2012.

If you want an absentee ballot for Seminole County you can request one in person at an office of the Supervisor of Elections, Mike Ertel (click here for the Seminole location and contact info.)   The Seminole County Supervisor of Elections website has a lot of great information for voters,  the FAQ sections are especially helpful.  Deadline dates for requesting and returning your absentee ballot are the same in Seminole as in Brevard.

Ken Rhoden is running for the Office of Public Defender of the 18th Judical Circuit.
This includes the Office of Public Defender of Brevard County and the Office of Public Defender of Seminole County.

Brevard County Public Defender Candidate on Linked In

Ken has updated his Linked In profile recently to include some information about his activities and memberships as well as approving new connection requests.  Keep the requests coming – Linked In works best when the networks are well connected.

Take a look at the Brevard County Public Defender Candidate & Seminole County Public Defender Candidate Ken Rhoden’s Linked In profile and send a connection request today to stay in touch.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support Ken Rhoden in his campaign for the Office of Public Defender of Brevard County & Public Defender of Seminole County (18th Judicial Circuit covers both counties.)   Visit Ken’s campaign for Public Defender on Facebook.

No Typos in the Brevard County Public Defender Campaign but …

There really isn’t a great place for a typo to happen but this one is really unfortunate.  I’d say it is definitely in the  Top Ten Worst Places for a Typo.

Read this one from Chris Moody, Political Reporter, on Destination 2012, The Ticket:

“The Senate Office of Education and Training dropped off new manuals around Capitol Hill Friday, and aides quickly noticed that something was a bit off.  Look what came across my desk …” <Click Here for the Full Story>

“So far no typos like this in the campaign for Brevard County Public Defender!” says Ken Rhoden, candidate for Public Defender of Brevard County and Seminole County, Florida.

Venus & Jupiter in the Western Sky

During March you should be able to see the planets Venus and Jupiter in the western sky after sundown.  Tonight while walking in the neighborhood, both planets were bright in the middle western sky.  Beautiful!   Read more about these planets and their locations as it applies to Central Florida.