Brevard County Candidate – Ken Rhoden at Tico Airshow

Ken was out most of the day yesterday (Saturday, 3/10) at the Tico Airshow in Titusville put on by the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum.  The airshow was amazing, the planes on display were interesting, and the people were very friendly.  Many supporters said “Hi” to Ken Rhoden and his crew who were there meeting people and collecting ballot petitions.  The deadline for the campaign to turn in the petitions is March 19 at noon so if you have some, give Ken a call and he’ll arrange to have them picked up.  If you have not filled one out – there is one on the VOLUNTEER page here that you can download and send back to the Ken Rhoden Campaign at 218 Hibiscus Blvd., Merritt Island, FL, 32952.

Ken Rhoden is a Brevard County Candidate / Seminole County Candidate for the Public Defender’s Office of the 18th Judicial circuit covering both the Brevard County Public Defender and Seminole County Public Defender Offices.

A Runner Running for Office

The Space Coast Runners newsletter for January 2012 is out.   And featured are Ken, his fiance’, and dog in the monthly Run a Mile With profile article.   There are three pages of information about all three running habits along with some interesting tidbits about their likes and plans.  You can view the newsletter using this link to the SCR Newsletter and Adobe Reader or view the gallery posted below.   If you are interested in running with the club or joining, please visit their site at or ask Ken when you see him!

Veteran’s Day Parade – 2011

Ken and a group of supporters entered the Melbourne Veteran’s Day Parade to support local vets past-present-future.  The Vote Rhoden group included a US Army Vet from the 1/7 3rd Infantry “Marne” Division and some civilian supporters.

There were vets old and young all along the parade route along with their families.  The kids especially enjoyed all 15 pounds of candy the group handed out along the New Haven and Oak Street route.  Thank you to Honor America for organizing such a great event.  Freedom is not free and while we should all be proud Americans – we should be extraordinarily proud of our Veterans.  Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

View all the photos on Facebook at:

The Vote Rhoden Supporters Before the Parade Started

Ken Volunteering at USS Ponce Homecoming

Tuesday, November 1 Ken Rhoden will be working with the local veteran’s groups AVET Project, Inc. to provide a warm welcome to the crew of the USS Ponce.  Today’s event is private, only for the crew, but you can be part of the happenings between Nov. 2 – 5.   Visit AVET’s website for more information or view the event flyer.

AVET stands for American Veteran’s Empowerment Team.  Their mission is to bring focus upon and heighten awareness to the needs of United States service men and women and other needy Americans in providing programs and services of assistance, entertainment and counseling by enlisting the public’s aid.

Ken Visits Canaveral Air Station in Guided Tour

Ken was invited to tour the Canaveral Air Station along with members of the Cape Kennedy Corvette Club.  The visit this morning was both exciting and educational.  The group saw several areas including a block house,  displays on the Monkeynauts & AstroChimps, various rockets, and the beautiful lighthouse.  Next time you see Ken, ask him about this trip!