Your Brevard County Public Defender 2012 Election Candidate Attends Local Prayer Walk

On Friday, April 6, Good Friday, Ken participated in a community Prayer Walk. This event was termed the Good Friday Ecumenical Prayer Walk and brought song and prayer to places of importance and also places where those who may suffer as Jesus suffered gather.

The walking group was well over 100 and gathered at the starting place, Our Lady of Lourdes Church. The service folder from the walk explains the various locations where the group stopped to sing and pray. This is taken from that folder:

Our Lady of Lourdes Church and School and City Hall are locations that represent all of the faith, educational, and political institutions in our world.
The Veterans Transitional Facility is a “temporary shelter for homeless veterans and their immediate family. The purpose of the facility is to provide for the immediate needs of homeless veterans while permitting them to search for work, and once employed, to sve enough money to acquire living quarters and transportation. It is operated by The Vietnam and All Veterans of Brevard non-profit.
Daily Bread soup kitchen is a lifeline for over 4,200 men, women, and children in our community each year. Serving between 200 and 250 people daily, the kitchen is open seven days a week, 365 days a year providing a hot mid-day meal plus hygienic services including a shower, laundry, and mail service to anyone in need.
His Place Ministries is a multi-faceted church and outreach ministry designed to touch lives with the love of Christ. His Place offers hope and healing to the hurting and wounded from all walks of life. This church provides a vehicle of service to those who would minister God’s love to people in need.
The Railroad Tracks represent our encounter with the plight of victims of human trafficking, migrants, refugees, and internally-displace persons in our world.

After the event Ken said, “This walk was an opportunity to fellowship with others and also bring light and hope to those who may have unmet needs. It was both humbling and uplifting.”  Ken was fortunate to have friends and family attend including his Pastor from Advent Lutheran Church.  Here are some photos and a video showing (in part) the huge crowd as they walk by City Hall.

Ken is a candidate for the Office of Public Defender of Brevard County 2012. Please vote for your Brevard County Candidtes on August 14, 2012.

Video taken by Ken as the Prayer Walk passed Melbourne City Hall. (view all Ken’s videos on You Tube.)

You can read more about the event on the Florida Today site.
Or watch videos from Florida Today.

Ken, Your Brevard County Public Defender Election Candidate, Attends Moon River

The Indialantic Rotary Club held their 10th Annual Moon River, Music & Magic event on the beautiful campus of Florida Institute of Technology (aka Florida Tech) on Saturday night (March 31). This is a long running event for the Rotary and is focused on raising money to support local students.

This year Moon River featured a silent auction, games, food, bluegrass music, and a special presentation by FIT’s own band, “Twitchy” featuring FIT’s president, Dr. Anthony Catanese,  Winston Scott (former astronaut & Dean, Office of the Senior Vice President for External Relations), and these esteemed faculty members:  Alan Rosiene, Ivica Kostanic, Fred Ham, Cliff Bragdon, Jamie Younkin, Tom Waite, Kevin Johnson and Susan Earles.  (see the videos of Twitchy below, they rock!)

The event was a huge success!  I was happy to attend and support both my home Rotary Club and the local students who will benefit from the funds raised at the Moon River, Music & Magic event.

Ken Rhoden is a Brevard County Public Defender election candidate – Please vote in the primary on August 14, 2012.

Brevard County Public Defender Election Candidate Attends Trayvon Martin Forum in Cocoa, Florida

Written by: Ken Rhoden, April 1, 2012

The Greater St. Paul Baptist Church in Cocoa hosted a forum for Sheriff and State Attorney candidates to discuss the Trayvon Martin case. The focus was on the future and the lessons learned from this tragic situation. The church was filled and I was glad to have a front row seat for the discussion. All candidates agreed there needs to be better communication and stronger relationships between elected officials and the community they serve.

When I began my campaign in April of 2011 I posted on my web page as part of my platform the following paragraph:

“The Public Defender should be a community leader and not just an agency head. The office is a powerful platform that should be used to talk to school children, civic groups, and churches. Prevention is key and the Public Defender is ideally positioned to help attack the terrible trinity of drugs, violence, and crime. I will serve the public and be an active, energetic Public Defender.”  (from “Reform is Needed” page)

The Trayvon Martin tragedy and the community’s response highlight just how much work needs to be done.

The event today (April 1, 2012) was well run and the candidates each had equal opportunity to answer questions. I thank the organizers of the forum for their hard work and hope they bring us future events.

Do You Know When the Brevard County Public Defender Election Is?

The qualification period for some local races is right around the corner – including the Brevard County Public Defender election. By April 20, 2012 we will know who has qualified for the ballot and who paid to get on the ballot and who didn’t make it onto the ballot.

Then the next important date for you to remember is the Early Voting Period (August 4-11, 2012) and the last date you can request an Absentee Ballot is August 8, 2012, according to Lori Scott’s website.

And the big day, Primary Voting Day, is August 14, 2012.

If you need any help getting out to vote on August 14, 2012 there is a lot of support in the community to get you to the polls or contact Ken and he can tell you how to get your absentee ballot sent to you. (Don’t delay – the sooner you request your absentee ballot, the better!)

You can call Ken on his personal cell phone at 321-368-3151 or email him at

Get out and vote for your Brevard County Public Defender Candidate: Ken Rhoden!

Your Brevard County Public Defender Candidate Happens Upon Classic Car Show

After a meeting at the Hilton in Altamonte Springs on March 24, 2012, Brevard County Public Defender candidate Ken Rhoden happened on a car show out in the hotel lot.  The cars were all MG models and ranged in age from the 1930′s onward.  The cars were all in amazing condition and the proud owners were happy to talk about the history of their car.  Seeing all these cars gave Ken Rhoden an opportunity to reminisce about one of his first automobiles,  an Austin Healy “Sprite” model which closely resembles the MG “Midget” models at the car show. 

Ken specifically recollects push-starting his Sprite whenever the battery failed, which was more often than he would have preferred.  He also remember having room to make u-turns in the driveway with the compact vehicle.  It was also possible for Ken to park his Sprite “sideways” in the driveway, allowing his younger brothers and sister more room to play and ride bicycles.

Ken remembers,  “My Sprite was only six inches above the ground and that made me very aware of every bump in the road and potholes were particularly important to avoid!”  Back then Ken says he worked on that Sprite as much as or more than he drove it but he loved that car.

The show was put on by the Classic MG Club of Orlando and was on all weekend.