Ken Rhoden: Advancing a platform for success.

Ken Rhoden, Public Defender

Ken Rhoden has been a
successful local attorney for
25 Years with experience in
many areas of our justice
system. He understands
operations management,
accountability and the
Constitutional duties of the
Public Defender’s Office.

Over three years ago I became concerned that the country was headed in the wrong direction.  Basic values of hard work and personal responsibility were being replaced by an entitlement culture.  Never active in politics before I got involved and worked to elect conservative Republican candidates Pam Bondi, Jeff Atwater and Tom Weinberg.  After the election I looked to see what else I could do to advance conservative principles.  I decided to run for Public Defender because I knew my lifelong conservative views, when put into practice, would transform the office.

The Constitution of the United States provides that every person accused of a crime has the right to an
attorney. If the accused genuinely cannot afford an attorney the government will provide one. This is
necessary to keep our justice system fair. Unfortunately public defenders have become the attorney of first
choice for far too many people instead of the attorney of last resort.  The Public Defender represents 75% of all criminal defendants. This has created an unnecessary burden for the public.

I am running to be the next Public Defender for the 18th Judicial Circuit encompassing Brevard and Seminole

The Public Defender’s Office was originally created to protect the constitutional right to legal
representation. Now it has grown into an entitlement program that enables criminals to continue their
unlawful lifestyles.

The Public Defender’s Office needs to be substantially reformed to cut costs to taxpayers and improve
efficiency. With my business experience and knowledge of the Public Defender’s Office I know what changes
should be made.  As a lifelong conservative I support free enterprise and smaller government.  We need to return to the values of hard work and personal responsibility.

For Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit, I will deliver:
• Strong legal vision & experience to lead an agency of legal professionals
• Fiscally conservative leadership to run an efficient and effective operation
• Taxpayer accountability:  I will put the budget online
• Community involvement with the public, local agencies, and civic organizations
• Long overdue reform for a broken system

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