I am new to writing books, having completed my first book in 2023. On this page, I will write about the book projects I am working on and their status.

Vivax Sapiens (also known as Active Humans) is a completed 93,000-word soft sci-fi novel I am currently shopping to literary agents. It touches on many complex issues, such as how people can make good decisions and should evil be exterminated. This was not a book I intended to write. It just sort of happened. For a few years, I have thought that archeology and anthropology give far too little credit to early humans, extending up through the beginning of written history. It irritated me that humans were depicted as grunting and filthy. I read article after article where discoveries shocked the scientists when the unearthing of an object proved the sophistication of early humans. I made notes on the articles and, early one morning, wrote twenty pages without intending to. That was just the start, the kernel, that got me started.

Vivax Sapiens is the current title of the project, but I know a publisher may want to change it to something more accessible. Vivax means tenacious of life, long-lived, full of life and energy. Sapiens means recent humans as distinguished from the many hominids before (and concurrent with) modern humans. I liked the name because it could refer to Abby, Kal, or the kids. As with so much of the book, the reader will have to decide.

With zero intent on my part, Vivax Sapiens turned out to be dominated by strong and unique female characters. I am particularly fond of Olexa, a former Olympic-level shot putter with in-your-face physicality, personality, and sexuality.

People who have read the transcript want it to come to a more definite end or for me to write a sequel. I will see what the marketplace tells me to do, as either is a possibility.

My next book is in the research stage and is a true crime novel. I expect to start writing in January 2024 and for it to be ready to show to Agents by January 2025.

Also cooking is a book that follows four boys who have a very tough life and end up being bank robbers. The places the book takes place are real, and the events could have happened.

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