I hope you find these reviews helpful. I read a lot of books and am happy to tell you what I think. Most reviews will be short and to the point, but if I feel passionate about a book, I may write more.

  • The Search For Justice by Robert Shapiro.

    In 1994 and 1995, Bob Shapiro set the tone for O.J. Simpson’s defense team. His unwavering position was that O.J. did not commit the murders and would not accept any plea bargain. Mr. Shapiro put together teams of lawyers, investigators, and experts to mount an all-out defense of OJ. He adds many comments on the… Continue Reading

  • Gay Berlin by Robert Beachy

    Before the Nazis rose to power, Berlin was the undisputed gay capital of the world. It was not just the wild nightlife of gay bars, sex shows, transvestite shows, and prostitutes. Serious doctors were performing sex change operations and exploring the use of hormones. Publishers were printing thousands of books and magazines. In the 1930s,… Continue Reading

  • Black‚Äôs Law by Roy Black

    Criminal defense attorney Roy Black recounts four of his cases. He adds in plenty of commentary on our far from perfect legal system. He makes clear how vital defense lawyers are in being a check on prosecutors and judges. I liked the parts where Roy quotes actual trial testimony so readers can see how absurd… Continue Reading

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